The AeroPress Review: In Search of the Perfect Cup of Camp Coffee

Most campers will rightly say that even a bad cup of coffee on the trail is better than a good cup of coffee at the office. There is just something about that combination of fresh air, smoke from an open fire, and a steaming hot cup-a-joe.

Winter Gear

The REI 650 Down Jacket Review

With autumn here and winter around the corner, now is the time to make an assessment of your cold-weather gear. Weight, insulating power, and bulk have come a long way since Land's End goose down parkas were the only game in town.


The Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove Review

When you’re not worried about the weight of your gear – and you have many mouths to feed – then consider bringing this cookstove. The Coleman 2-Burner can cook up a full breakfast or dinner for eight in no time plus keep a pot of piping hot coffee ready in the wings.

Gift Guide

Top 10 Gifts for Campers That They Can't Do Without

Have we learned a LOT. Over the last 18 months that we've been playing outside, we have learned a thing or two in our 21,000 miles traveled, 109 nights camped at 51 different campsites in all sorts of conditions. With 6 of us on the travel team, our goal from the beginning has been to keep our kit as simple and lean as possible so that it's easy to hit the road.

Mobile Power

LifePowr A3 Power Supply Review

Provisioning an expedition's electronic needs takes planning, testing, and a measure of patience. As a quartermaster, you'll have to orchestrate a balance between several competing interests - size, weight, cost, durability, and how mission critical the electronic item is to the overall endeavor. Deciding on the best mobile camping power supply (like the LifePowr A3),  deserves an equal amount of consideration.

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