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11 Best Family Audiobooks for Road Trips

In our opinion, the old adage of "getting there is half the fun" is true, but we find it to be even better when paired with "while listening to audiobooks." Here's our list of 11 best family audiobooks that will give you 40+ hours of audio pleasure for young and old alike.


Take a look at our list of 11 best family audiobooks for road trips and create some fun shared memories on that fabulous road trip you have planned. Time on the road will pass easily with these enjoyable family audiobooks.

Here are a few places to look for family road trip audiobooks: 

TIP: Listen to a sample before purchasing or taking on the road - a bad recording can ruin a great book.

Local Library: 

For short road trips, we often check out CD audiobooks from our local library. For extended trips, we use the Libby app to borrow audiobooks from the library. Depending on your needs, you can either download them for offline listening or stream them to save space.


LibriVox provides free, public domain audiobooks (currently 50,000) read by worldwide volunteers. Pro: free and many find out-of-print treasures. Con: varies in quality. One of our very favorite readers: Karen Savage (The Story of the Treasure Seekers)


If you listen to audiobooks regularly, a subscription to Audible might be an excellent choice. Pro: professional narration, current books, trial membership. Con: monthly expense. Check Amazon for special deals.

Kindle Paperwhite

We can't imagine camping without our Kindle Paperwhite. Kindles have been a part of our family reading for as long as we can remember and only became more important when we started camping. Load it up and there will always be something to read while on the road or by the camp fire. If reading in the car makes you carsick, fear not. Being an Amazon product, Kindle fully supports Audible, plus other audio books that you download from your local library. The newest Kindle version is even waterproof!

Connect your Kindle Paperwhite to either your vehicle's audio system or a freestanding bluetooth speaker and you are all set to listen while on the road or at camp. We pair our Kindle with an Anker Soundcore speaker which seems to last forever on a single charge.

Our 11 Family Favorite Audiobooks:

The Cricket in Times Square audiobook cover

The Cricket in Times Square - a country cricket mistakenly finds himself in the heart of New York City and is befriended by a city cat and a streetwise mouse. Touching story of unlikely friendships. Grade 2nd & up

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A Bear Called Paddington audiobook cover

A Bear Called Paddington - a marmalade-loving bear from Darkest Peru ends up in the Paddington railway station in London looking for a home. Enter the Brown family who generously adopt him, and of course, nothing runs smoothly. Grade 3rd & up

An endearing story about a cheeky bear that always needs rescuing - what's not to love?

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Mr Popper's Penguins audiobook cover

Mr Popper's Penguins - a light-hearted, entertaining tale of how a small town house painter, Mr Popper, who has dreams of being an Antarctica explorer, ends up with a houseful of penguins. How will he feed them? Where will they live? Find out about the topsy-turvy life ahead for the Popper family and their penguins. Grade 3rd & up

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Homer Price audiobook cover

Homer Price - Searching for stories of a boy in his crazy home town, filled with bizarre and quirky characters? Look no further than Homer Price! The strange situations that Homer and his friends come across are sure to get a chuckle. From the author of Make Way for Ducklings. Grade 3rd & up.

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Penderwicks audiobook cover

Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (series)

Four sisters and their adventures (and misadventures!) while spending an unforgettable summer vacation in a cottage at the estate of the wealthy and irritable Mrs. Tifton. They make friends (and a few enemies) along the way. Grade 4th & up

My daughter particularly loves this book because the author knows how to write realistic sibling relationships --and so few books do it well.

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Redwall audiobook cover

Redwall (series) - woodland creatures living in harmony in Redwall Abbey unite against the villainous rat Cluny the Scourge and his minions. Young Matthias the mouse, along with his loyal companions, leads the thrilling defense. Action packed adventure along with rousing songs, tender friendship, and bountiful feasting. Read by author and a full cast. Grade 4th & up

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The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog audiobook cover

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Series) - hilarious series of life on a western ranch seen through the eyes of the rough and tumble cowdog, Hank. Along with his cowardly assistant Drover, Hank attempts to protect the ranch from villainous coyotes and other outlaws. Bumbling antics and mixed metaphors abound. Grade 4th & up

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The Story of the Treasure Seekers audiobook cover

The Story of the Treasure Seekers - a delightful story of the six Bastable children who set out to restore their family fortune in Victorian England. Each chapter features a new escapade that often results in comic situations. A heartwarming family adventure. Grade 4th & up

I think we were somewhere on a road trip between Kentucky and Kansas listening to this E. Nesbit treasure, and by the end of the audiobook, we were using all kinds of English expressions.

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The Twenty-One Balloons audiobook cover

The Twenty-One Balloons - fantastical voyage of Professor Sherman, who, through a mishap, ends up on the volcanic island of Krakatoa. Here he discovers an eccentric society, secret diamond mines, and incredible inventions. A classic adventure story set in 1883. Grade 5th & up

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The Hobbit audiobook cover

The Hobbit - This is how the comfort-loving hobbit Bilbo Baggins takes an unexpected adventure with a band of dwarves to reclaim stolen treasure from the treacherous dragon Smaug. In a quest fraught with great perils and discomfort, Bilbo becomes a reluctant hero, forever changed by his journey into the unknown. Grade 5th & up

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Cheaper by the Dozen audiobook cover

Cheaper by the Dozen - biographical novel about an efficiency expert father and psychologist mother as they attempt to run their family of a dozen children with streamline procedures. Laugh out loud at the comical occurrences that result when put into actual practice. Set in the 1920's. Grade 6th & up.

The kids and I fondly remember this book from our trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway - lots of laughs - some situations in the book may merit further discussion with your kids though.

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Regarding the items listed above you need to know a few things:
1) We've used each of the items listed extensively on our travels. We consider them battle tested.
2) If you choose to purchase any of the items for yourself or as a gift, we really appreciate it. Thank-you! If you make a purchase, Campfire Delight receives a small compensation at no added cost to you which helps us keep the lights on and the kittens fed.

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